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At Booth Architecture, our projects are second to none. No matter how large or small your vision is, we can help make it a reality. Check out our project portfolios below then contact us to make your vision come to life! 

What we do



    Each project undertaken by Booth Architecture is given to Ted, Kelsey or both. We coordinate all the scheduling and planning of activities.
   This helps assure our clients of the daily personal involvement of our team for each project. By being a smaller firm it helps eliminate confusion that may be experienced in having to deal with numerous technical consultants as the project progresses. 

    At the beginning of the project, a schedule is developed to ensure timely completion of each phase and the overall time schedule while allowing sufficient time necessary to achieve the clients desires.

Site Analysis:

    Our team at Booth Architecture conducts a thorough evaluation of each project, and a key factor in each project is the project site. Whether it be a room in an existing building, a vacant lot, or an entire city, each site is unique and brings its own challenges and opportunities. 

    Our experience and with the help of other specialists and engineers that we work with, it allows us the ability to assess sites quickly and accurately, enabling us to offer our clients better value and a project tailored to its specific location.

Program Development:

    Through a participatory planning process, we may suggest various thoughts, ideas and options for consideration; however, we will not dictate, as we believe working together can develop the best solution.

    All appropriate individual/entities will be brought together along with the accumulation of all available relevant information. Through open communication  a program or scope of work will be quickly established.


Schematic Design:

    The schematic design is represented in plan and perspective drawings and is obtained during the programming phase. These sketches will include: initial assessments, plans, elevations, sections, and details a necessary to illustrate the extent of work. At this time a preliminary cost estimate is developed for the proposed work.

    During this phase options are explored and a solution is selected that combines the functional and aesthetic needs of the client within the constraints of site, budget, and schedule.


Design Development

    With the approval of the schematic design phase,m we prepare design development documents. These documents contain additional details of the schematic plans and consist of the following:

  • Plans indicating the location of the work.
  • Drawings describing how the work is to be completed.
  • A more detailed cost estimate.
  • Identification of possible alternates if appropriate.


Contract Documents:

    After approval of the design development, the contract documents are completed. These documents will clearly and concisely define where and how the work is to be done. The specifications are completed and a final statement of probable cost is refined.

    The scope of the project will determine the extent and nature of the "Contract Documents". We have completed work with concept sketches to full drawings and specifications depending on complexity and construction methodology.

Bidding Assistance:

After final approval of the contract documents, our firm will print and distribute the bid documents to prospective bidders. We also assist you with the bid opening, evaluations of the bids, and award of the contract(s). 

Community Projects

Chief Pocatello Monument [Pocatello, ID]


Booth Architecture was part of the design committee for the Chief Pocatello monument. Ted Booth worked with the City of Pocatello, Bannock/Shoshone Tribal Members, and sculptor JD Adcox for the design of this monument.  

Pocatello Community Charter School [Pocatello, ID]


Booth Architecture provided drawings and coordinated engineering for the installation of a wind turbine. Not only does this provide electricity, it is a hands on learning tool for the students. 

Pocatello Water Tank Renovation [Pocatello, ID]


Ted Booth sat on the design committee to spruce up an unsightly water tank that sits at one of the city;s main entrances. Booth worked with a graphic artist from ISU, the City of Pocatello, as well as those that were modeled to transform a tired utilitarian structure into an attractive billboard for the community. 

Health care

Skyline Surgery Medical Center [Pocatello, ID]


This Surgery center is located within an existing medical building. The new facility consists of three OR's, pre-op, post-op as well as the necessary support facilities. All of this was achieved without disturbing the operations of the adjacent area.

(PCS) Primary Care Specialists [Pocatello, ID]


This medical facility has many uses. It contains medical offices for three practitioners, urgent care, x-ray, and a procedure suite. All of these services are under one roof, but can be operated as separate businesses and hours. As the building site was just as visible from the back as the front, Booth continued the entry motif around the building.

First Choice Urgent Care (BMH) [Blackfoot, ID]


This facility provides off-site urgent care for Bingham Memorial Hospital. It contains exam rooms, lab, x-ray, and MRI services for those on the go. The architecture was intended to tie into the surrounding structures within the development. 

Bingham Memorial Hospital [Blackfoot, ID]


Booth Architecture has provided services for many of the Bingham Memorial projects of the years. These include; planning, additions, interior and exterior remodeling, renovations, to name a few. Booth Architecture has other projects in the works, and look forward to many years of continued service.

Health West [Pocatello, Lava Hot Springs, Downey, American Falls, Preston, Aberdeen, ID]


Booth Architecture has worked with Health West for many years now and look forward to years to come. 

Wilks Funeral Home [Chubbuck, ID]


Another side of care is for the afterlife. Alongside owner Brock Wilks, Booth Architecture added the largest funeral home in the area. In addition to the usual preparatory areas, it includes a crematory, three chapels, and a reception area.

Financial institutions

Farmers Insurance [Pocatello, ID]


With Farmers Insurance being downsized they needed a new facility to accommodate their needs. Located next to Primary care Specialists, this gives them a great location and opportunity for the company with the upcoming growth going on around it. This locations offers claims services and has a call center located within.

Advantage Plus Federal Credit Union [Pocatello, Chubbuck, American Falls, Montpelier, ID]


Booth Architecture has had the opportunity to design many facilities for Advantage Plus. Their headquarters consists of four stories which includes; banking, loan offices, and fitness area. The architecture is very traditional, with a slight twist. the drive-through tellers are covered by heated decks that step to provide each level with both exposed and covered space. in addition to the main office, Booth designed branches located in; Chubbuck, Johnny Creek, American Falls, and Montpelier Idaho.

Idaho Ag Credit [American Falls, Blackfoot, ID]


Idaho Ag's most recent addition is a branch in American Falls, Idaho. This is located near the American Falls Reservoir with breathtaking views. Booth also performed a complete remodel of the Blackfoot offices. This nearly doubled the office space, and transformed the outdated building into a new modern showpiece




Booth Architecture has worked with SEICAA for many years to help provide home plans hat are safe and affordable for low-income community members.

Custom Homes & Remodels


We get many clients who are wanting new home designs as well as remodels of their existing homes. With each home being different, we strive to gibe the client what they are looking for with their wants and needs and help come up with a design that makes it come to life.



Booth Architecture has worked with NeighborWorks for many years with helping with community projects as well as house plans for affordable homes. 

Industrial Projects

A&I Distributing [Chubbuck, ID]


More complex that it seems, structures like this require much planning. Many of these strucutres include; loading and recieving docks, tank farms, fire suppression systems, smoke curtains and hatches, and containment areas.

Conway Trucking [Pocatello, ID]


Typically most trucking facilities include; office areas, loading and receiving docks, as well as maneuvering requirements for big rigs.

ON Semi-Conductor [Pocatello, ID]


Booth Architecture has been involved on numerous projects for ON Semi-Conductor. A great deal of the construction involves "clean rooms" or fab areas. What goes on is very restricted and cannot be shared. 


300 Block [Pocatello, ID]


In this case, the owner had solid tenants in a tired building. A quick face-lift provided them with a new positive presence without relocating. 

Booth Condo's [Pocatello, ID]


Feeling growing pains, Booth Architecture needed to expand, but didn't want to build from scratch. With the ideal building just down the street, a partnership  was formed and a condominium was created. Three partners purchased the building, divided it into separate ownership's, and remolded into the new home of Booth Architecture and Homeland Real Estate.

Fire Station #3 [Pocatello, ID]


Located on Pocatello's main entrance, the dated fire station had a negative influence on visitors. Even though the location and function of the building serve the city well, something had to be done to the exterior. Booth Architecture designed a new roof overbuild as well as an updated appearance. 

Greek Orthodox Chruch [Pocatello,ID]


A nearly 100-year-old church, received a face-lift. This cherished fixture in the community still loved the same when renovations are completed but a fresher more up to date look. Booth Architecture along with the church committee cam up with plans form the existing building which had some structural issues that needed to be addressed. Everything was constructed with the same design used 99 years ago and the materials to look the same.

Citizens Community Bank [Pocatello, ID]


Booth Architecture was proud to be the architect for this Citizens Community Bank Corporate office addition. This is located in the heart of the downtown Pocatello area and just south-east of the existing corporate offices in the old Zions Bank Building. Great work from Construction Services Inc. and Acoustic Specialties.

Jakers Bar and Grill [Pocatello,ID]


Located in the old Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, Jakers Bar and Grill turned the place around. With exterior and interior renovations this is a great addition to the community. After being gone for so many years we are very happy to have them back to Pocatello.


Iron Oak Retail [Idaho Falls,ID]


Booth Architecture in conjunction with Construction Solutions Company have come up with this welcomed new complex addition in downtown Idaho Falls Area. This three unit complex allows for a great street presence  as well as the ability to visit with ease.

Modern Home Store [Idaho Falls,ID]


Booth Architecture and Construction Solutions Company worked together to welcome the new Modern Home Store to the area. This tilt up concrete construction allowed for quicker construction time and came out wonderfully.

Big Dog Plaza [Ammon, ID]


Booth Architecture in conjunction with Construction Solutions Company completed this new complex that houses Big Dog Satellite. Big Dog wanted to upgrade their location and allow for more growth in the area. This three unit complex is a great addition to the community and located in a prime location on 17th street.

Jensen Jewelers [Pocatello,ID]


Tired of being controlled by mall restrictions, Jensen Jewelers contacted Booth Architecture to break out. Booth designed Jensen's a new home as well as a lease able space for other tenants. Located in a new retail development, the Jensen's building paved the way for much new development. 

Willie's A&W Restaurant [Pocatello,ID]


Booth Architecture was proud to be the architect for this new A&W Restaurant located at 1335 N. Arthur. This is a great addition to the area.

Sherwin Williams [Chubbuck,ID]


As the first building on the Knutsen Development, Sherwin Williams was the pioneer. Booth designed the new tore to fit the corporate model. Other lease-able tenant space is also design into the building.