About Us

Our Mission

To become the Architectural Firm of choice for all who value creativity and functionality with a commitment for excellence and overwhelming satisfaction! 

​​Booth Architecture, PLLC first opened in 2004 with previous years of experience and knowledge. We have a small, caring, and skillful staff. With dedication, we create professional long lasting relationships with our clients. 

Long-Term Business

 Booth Architecture first opened its doors in 2004 but carries an abundant amount of knowledge well beyond this period. Some of the expertise comes from a previous partnership with Wallace & Booth Architects and occupation at Wallace-Hudson & Associates. Throughout the years, Booth Architecture has been involved with several projects changing in size and intricacy.  

Although the staff is small, it contains a great deal of care and skill. Our small staff has given our clientele a more personal experience and trust in knowing that their project will not be handed down the chain of command. Being smaller allows us to have tighter communication and straight forward management of projects. We take pride in satisfying our clients by designing a final product well beyond their desires. With our great dedication, we have created a professional and long lasting relationship with each client.


Our Team

 We’re committed to serving you with quality and value.Our team is highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: we love what we do and being able to give you something that you will love as well. Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us. 

Our Team

Ted Booth [Principal Architect]


 [Principal Architect/Owner]

Ted Booth wears many different hard hats to oversee the project is completed with satisfaction. He begins by working with his clients to acquire their essential needs. The production then begins with his creative designs and drawings. Mr. Booth unifies the production with the client, engineer, and consultants. Throughout the process of the production meetings and inspections are consistent. Mr. Booth works meticulously with the client to guarantee their desires are fulfilled.
Ted Booth began his architectural development in 1988 with an internship at Wallace - Hudson & Associates. Grasping his new license, he formed the partnership of Wallace & Booth Architects. Mr. Booth is now the proud owner of Booth Architecture. He has designed an extensive collection of projects with an array of size and complexity. Having many years of construction knowledge Mr. Booth has gained a concrete background in practical construction methods. He enhances his professional growth by attending educational classes and has directed workshops on Accessible, Adaptable, and Universal Design. 
Mr. Booth assembles and coordinates a collaborative team of engineers and designers to respond specifically to the needs and budget of the client. The goal is to produce results that exceed the clients’ expectations.  

 Professional Status:

  • Licensed Architect in the State of Idaho
  • Licensed Architect in the State of Utah
  • National Council of Architectural Registration
  • Board Certification​


  • Idaho State University– Architecture Program
  • Idaho State University Applied Technology– Advanced CAD Courses
  • Phoenix Institute of Technology– Architecture Program

 Memberships/ Organizations

  • American Institute of Architects [past President, Secretary, and Treasurer]
  • Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce
  • Idaho State Alumni
  • Idaho State University Bengal Foundation
  • Pocatello Fair Board of Appeals - 
  • Bannock County & Pocatello Housing Committee
  • Board of Appeals - Bannock County & Pocatello

Kelsey Stenersen


[Architectural Apprentice]

Kelsey Stenersen's experience covers residential and commercial design. With her Master's degree in Architecture, she enjoys researching and evaluating design solutions, has drawing, drafting, and new design processes with technologies.
Kelsey started architectural design at Idaho State University doing the pre-architecture program and transferred to the University of Idaho and received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2012. She then received her Master of Architecture in 2014.
She is self-motivated, organized, and innovated in architecture with adept skills in drafting tools. Enjoys researching and evaluating design solutions, has drawing, drafting, and learning new design processes and technologies. 
Kelsey primarily performs design and drafting, along with 3D rendering for client projects under the supervision of Ted Booth the Principal Architect. Ms. Stenersen participated in and is involved in every aspect of the design process from beginning to end. She performs filed checks and measurements while working directly with client needs to insure all requirements are met..  


  • Idaho State University– Pre-Architecture   [07-10]
  • University of Idaho - B.A. Architecture [10-12]
  • ​University of Idaho - M. Architecture [12-14]

 Memberships/ Organizations

  • Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission [board member]
  • NCARB Registered
  • University of Idaho Alumni

Julie Snelders


[Office Manager]

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Why Choose Us

We Love Architecture

Our team comes to work smiling and are happy to start designing. They have a passion for architecture and are fully qualified to work with you. 

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your home or business is in the best of hands. 

We Truly Care

The right knowledge extends the life of any building. We bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge designs to the table every time. 

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of size or difficulty.